“I have been continually impressed by the service provided to Dell from the team at myBPOS. The experience and professionalism of their staff, coupled with their attention to satisfying (and regularly) exceeding customer demands has created a payroll solution that fits the needs of the business perfectly.”

Senior Programme Manager, Dell

“We are very pleased with the quality of service myBPOS provides. I sincerely appreciate your rapid responsiveness and the way you support the contract field staff for the journey time surveys during the London Olympics and your unreserved support for the DfT link count. I have recommended your company to others because of my satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.”

Project Manager, Jacobs UK Ltd

“The thing we liked so much in working together with myBPOS was that negotiations in this special case had to be made during Christmas time 2012 (parts of Scotland were flooded at that time) and nobody at your firm was annoyed about missing special time with family, but only supportive and enthusiastic.” “Another thing we really appreciated is the fact that mutual trust was easy established. Just like business should be. And last but not least: all our invoices were paid in time!”

IT Contractor,

“myBPOS has provided HR support for my company since we started trading in April 2010. Initially this consisted of employment contracts and policies however this is continuously evolving and they are now assisting us through the Investors in People process and provide a monthly on-site service which has enabled any HR or people development issues to be resolved in an effective manner.”

“myBPOS work in tandem with us to achieve our business objectives and its peace of mind for me to know that if I have any employment queries I can contact them and get answers and solutions that fit my business needs efficiently.”

Managing Director, Financial Services

“The feedback we have gained from our employees regarding this relocation service has been very positive. myBPOS has been described as a professional high standard service and in particular has been praised for going the extra mile to ensure full customer satisfaction…I would describe their service as efficient, timely and flexible to meet our needs even at short notice. I would recommend their service to any organisation.”

Family relocated from France to Renfrewshire

“As an SME company that supplies services to the Public Sector it is imperative that we can produce best value outcomes. By utilising the services of myBPOS we are getting that Blue Chip quality support for a fraction of the cost. All of our back office support services are outsourced through myBPOS and have been since 2010. We utilise every area including our key needs of IT, HR, Payroll, Invoicing, Purchasing and legal.”

“As a Health and Social Care provider, compliance and quality are a critical element of our delivery model and that Includes our support services. myBPOS have become a full extension and integrated partner of our company whose support we could not operate without.”

Maureen O’Neill, Managing Director, The Social Care Community Partnership

“Around 4 years ago year we took a strategic decision to outsource our internal payroll and financial support services so that we could really focus on our core business. We approached myBPOS to help us manage our company finances and payroll on our behalf.”

“In additional to now being authorised to pay our company bills and make statutory payments on our behalf myBPOS also maintain our day-to-day bookkeeping and financial records and credit control process, all of these added value services has led to a trouble free and smoother operation within FPS.”

“We work to fixed monthly bill so we know exactly where we stand. FPS are very pleased to have myBPOS as our back office partner.”

John Scott, Managing Director, FPS Ltd.