Our Services

myBPOS service share one common feature — making business easier for our customers. We focus on reducing your back-office admin, and simplifying the way you run your business.

Saving you time, stress, and money.

Contingent Workforce Management Service – Find out how we can streamline the way you employ your contingent contractor workforce

Payroll Service – We help companies of all sizes make sure they meet their payroll obligations – simply and securely

Contractor-pool Service – An effective way for companies to manage their potential contractor resources, with a ‘ready-made workforce’ for their next project

Relocation Service – A world-class service from one of Scotland’s leading relocation services providers

Contractor Service – A simple, low cost solution for contractors and freelancers that lets you concentrate on what you’re good at

IT Support Service – Our experienced, qualified IT professionals are available to protect and develop your IT infrastructure

HR Service – Designed for companies that need a first-class HR function, but don’t have the resources to manage it themselves

International Partners – Need help managing the international aspects of your business? Tap in to our expertise