Contractor Support Services

If you’re an independent contractor or freelancer and want someone to take away the admin hassle of working for yourself, speak to us.

Whether you wish to be engaged as a Limited Company or PAYE we offer a range of low cost services — for experienced, seasoned contractors, and for people who are just starting their freelance career. Our support lets you focus on your assignments rather than administration.

We offer:


Company Formation and Accountancy Services

Needing help with setting up your own Limited company. When running a business you’ll need to find and accountant as well as arranging business insurance cover. We can support you in getting your company off the ground by providing these basic services as well as company formation and secretarial services.

All our contracts are compliant whether domestic and international contracts — such as IR35, 1099 or W2.

Contractor Foreign Travel Support

Working abroad for the first time can be a daunting prospect however we can put your mind at ease by providing guidance on satisfying the legal and taxation implications of working abroad or working for a foreign company.

If you are required to travel at short notice to a country that requires a work visa application then we are here to help as well.

We also operate in multiple currencies for freelancers and contractors who work in the UK and overseas.

Payroll and Invoice Management Services

Getting paid correctly and on time is the fundamental basis of our payroll and invoice management service. We manage the timesheet, invoice and payments between the client and contractor for your assignments.

We use a fully secure, automated online timesheet portal that can be accessed 24/7 365 days a year no matter wherever in the world your assignment is located.

HR and Legal advice

Just because you are freelance or a PAYE worker doesn’t mean you have rights. Speak to one of our HR professionals who can provide advice on aspects on employment rights, IR35 or restrictive covenants.

Contractor Pool

Improve you job security by registering on our Contractor Pool service by keeping you “off the bench” and lets the client to track and trace the best available talent.

Access to our contractor talent pool