Contractor Pool

The contractor pool service enables companies who use independent contractors or freelancers tap into their talent to create a single supply.

It is a simple process to track and retain talent which will future proof your next project.

Why use Contractor Pool

These days many companies use freelancers on a regular or ad-hoc basis to complement their existing skills and to support them on specific projects. But even when they take on a freelancer that they already have a relationship with, they find themselves having to pay agency fees throughout the term of the freelance contract.

Contractor Pool is a low cost service that helps project managers deliver the same high quality service, but without continuing agency fees.

How Contractor Pool works

The next time you want to take on a freelancer that you already know, just tell myBPOS. We’ll engage with them on your behalf.

Using our service means:

  • No up-front fees or subscriptions
  • You only pay for the completed services worked by a contractor on timesheets approved by you

Why choose Contractor Pool?

Contractor Pool offers a rapid response resource solution for your projects. You’ll be using pre-screened freelancers, and freelancers who you already know. It makes it easier to source and use talented freelancers, and could result in considerable savings in agency fees.

To find out more, just get in touch.