Contingent Workforce Management Service

Our Contingent Workforce Management service is for organisations who wish to engage any independent, contingent contractor workforce without the need to add to their permanent headcount.

With our Contingent Workforce Management service, we take responsibility for engaging, managing timesheets, payments and the billing of  your independent contractors. In some countries, we also take the role of contractor employer – removing your employer liabilities, any potential tax liabilities, compliance and regulation.

  • Highly suitable for engaging high/low skilled workforces and flexible labour strategies
  • Our capabilities allow us to engage and make payments to substantial volumes of workers – ideal for large investment infrastructure projects
  • Flexibility to engage with solo freelance consultants for short term, one off projects
Features of Contingent Workforce Management Service
  • We can create a tailored solution that fits your requirements
  • We take care of your contractor admin – timesheets and payments
  • It frees you from any regulatory or potential tax liabilities from using contractors
  • We make sure contractors are fully vetted and comply with your pre-screening requirements
  • With Contingent Workforce Management we take care of everything – from arranging location specific, compliant contracts and insurance, to visa support and tax compliance
  • We can also manage, track and trace deployment needs for in field readiness
How Contingent Workforce Management  works

The majority of talent are found through internal referral networks instead of using a staffing firm to source them.
These pre-identified workers can include alumni, retirees continuing on a consultancy basis and project based workers.
Once you have identified the right person, we’ll engage with them on your behalf.


  • Take the contractor through pre-screening and on-boarding
  • Set the contractor up on our online timesheet portal
  • When timesheets are submitted and approved by you online, we’ll make sure the contractor is paid correctly and on time
  • We guarantee you will have a satisfied contractor workforce who’ll be happy to work for you again.
Create your own contractor pool

You can also use Contingent Workforce Management to create and manage your contractor resource pool. By mapping your talent pool you will have a ‘standby workforce’ who you can deploy rapidly – future proofing your projects.

With a contractor resource pool you’ll have:

  • An easier way to source and use contractor talent
  • On online service to manage your contractor profiles
  • A rapid response resource solution for projects

View more information on our contractor pool service

Why choose myBPOS as your Contingent Workforce Management provider?

Outsourcing contractor management is the modern way to run a contingent contractor workforce.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Lower back office and admin related costs
  • A free online timesheet system and contractor interface
  • No worries about compliance with tax and insurance liabilities
  • Detailed reports on your workforce, on demand
  • A loyal and satisfied contractor workforce
  • And when you create your own contractor pool you can be confident about having the resources on hand to satisfy future projects.