Case Files

Case Study: Jacobs

The Client
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., is an international engineering, architecture, and construction firm with offices located around the world. Our specific client within the global structure was Jacobs Uk Ltd who have contracts with government departments, agencies and local authority organisations.

There contracts are generally large, capital funded infrastructure and transport projects. To assist with planning these projects may require data collection for transport planning, traffic engineering. Jacobs have many prestigious clients including Department for Transport (DFT) and Transport for London (TFL).

The Challenge
Jacobs were looking for a solution for management and payrolling a temporary workforce of +400 that were to be deployed on seasonal duties on the DFT and TFL projects. This would remove a significant chunk of workforce from their books and place a barrier between them and the workforce by taking away their responsibilities and obligations as the employer.

The supervisors and traffic enumerator’s duties were to record traffic survey data on designated highways across England for analysis on the project. They required a solution that would involve weekly timesheet processing of PAYE workers. Additionally prior to the season commencing the workforce were required to be mobilised, issued with contracts, health and safety documentation and equipment. All of this was to be managed to the outsourced workforce management partner.

The Approach
As the project involved a high volume of workers there was careful and collaborative planning between myBPOS and Jacobs. A team was set up to manage the process and the files and records of the workforce were passed to myBPOS so that we could prepare for the mobilisation period. This included the issue of contracts, health and safety documentation and any other documentation and equipment needed which had to be tracked carefully so that the workforce can start the season on time without delay and without interruption.

On-boarding of the workforce would include a contract to be signed and returned as well as vetting documents for identification, right to work and proof of address. Once the on-boarding was completed this would give the worker clearance for starting the new season.

During the season all recorded and approved timesheet and expenses were communicated to myBPOS on a weekly basis with the deadline for submission by 23 supervisors on Mondays 12 noon. This was to ensure the process ran smoothly, time for error, duplication and expense checking, so that all workers would be paid on time the following Friday myBPOS would handle any ad hoc reporting and management information requests from time to time as well as filtering communications and newsletters.

myBPOS were also asked to undertake and communicate arrangements (including travel) for any workforce training required.

At the end of each season myBPOS would manage the return of equipment and ID.

The Outcome
“I want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service myBPOS provides. I sincerely appreciate your rapid responsiveness and the way you provide field staff for the journey time surveys during the London Olympics and your unreserved support for the DfT link count. I have recommended your company to others because of my satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.“

Mulu Yegezu, Project Manager Highways

Case Study: Dell

The Client
Dell are a global IT solutions provider, and are a fortune 500 company. The Dell Associates programme has brought together a community of professional IT contractors who work on Dell assisted projects on a variety of industry sectors such as banking, finance and retail sectors throughout the EMEA regions. Dell had projects in countries such as the UK and Ireland, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, USA. Our client is responsible for directly resourcing the manpower for these projects unless we are requested to do so.

The Challenge
Dell required a hosting & multi-currency payroll solution for successfully tendered projects in order to facilitate payroll and managed workforce. Their strategy was to remove their liabilities and mitigate risks of utilising directly sourced, contingent workforce and engage the services of an employer of record provider.

The Approach
All contractors, whom we manage and payroll for the client, are engaged on a myBPOS temporary contract for service model.
Following an agreed assignment and instruction from the client we engage with the contractor, agree the terms of the contract and carry out all necessary vetting for the client through to the contractors exit from an assignment. Only when all onboarding requirements are complete is the contractor allowed on site to commence with the assignment.
We use an online timesheet portal which is very simplistic, easy to use, accessible 24/7 and very efficient and is perfect for any mobile workforce. It provides the supplemental information necessary in order to pay the contractor. The contractor is only paid once myBPOS receives an approval from a nominated approver usually on a weekly basis. It also acts as a valuable management tool should there be any MI requests from the client or project team.

myBPOS will filter down from client to contractor any required communications that are necessary. We are also able to undertake any special ad hoc requests.

The Outcome
As the relationship with our client has developed so do our processes in order to meet the needs of the of the clients business thus creating a bespoke solution.
“I have been continually impressed by the service provided to Dell from the team at myBPOS. The experience and professionalism of their staff, coupled with their attention to satisfying (and regularly) exceeding customer demands has created a payroll solution that fits the needs of the business perfectly”
Andrew Irvine, Senior Programme Management, Dell